10 Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Damage-Free

Keeping Your Smartphone Damage-Free

While smartphones are becoming increasingly durable – with most new models even boasting water resistance – they’re not infallible. Here are a few ways to make sure your smartphone stays in pristine shape.

1. Don’t leave it in the sun.

It’s tempting to keep your phone in easy reach when you’re having lunch at an outdoor café or sunbathing at the beach, but too much sun is bad for smartphones. It absorbs light and heat, which can cause it to overheat, damaging the Central Processing Unit.

2. Invest in a glare screen.

Keeping your phone screen bright causes unnecessary battery drain. A glare screen can help keep your screen readable in direct sunlight.

3. Don’t keep apps running.

Allowing rarely used or unused apps to run on your phone will use up your battery and cause the phone to overheat.

4. Don’t ignore app updates.

If you ignore application updates, you could be ignoring potential application fixes that allow your phone to operate more efficiently.

5. Don’t root your Android phone if you’re not an advanced user.

Rooting an Android smartphone allows users to access the Operating System’s source code so that non-standard apps can be installed, imbedded apps can be removed, and software can be modified. However, doing so improperly can leave a phone vulnerable to damage from non-approved apps, and may render the phone unusable.

6. Don’t leave it on all the time.

If you never turn off your phone, you won’t allow your phone to run diagnostics when being rebooted, or clear its caches. Shut it down for at least one hour once a week.

7. Keep your phone in a case.

Good, sturdy cases protect the phone and screen from damage more effectively than screen protectors alone. While screen protectors can reduce scratches (which can lead to cracks), they won’t save a phone that’s been dropped on its corners and edges – the point where most screen breaks start.

8. Don’t carry your phone in full pockets.

Carrying around a phone in pockets with keys and loose change can crack the screen.

9. Keep your phone dry.

Moisture is deadly to smartphones. Even if you have a water-resistant smartphone, it isn’t water proof. If your phone gets wet, immediately turn it off and remove the battery, if possible. If you’re around water a lot, you should invest in a water-proof case.

10. Buy a phone grip.

Having a flexible phone grip – a strap attached to the back of the phone – will keep your phone where it belongs – in your hands, and not clattering down to the floor!

Smartphones are delicate devices that aren’t designed for endurance, but you can get significantly more mileage out of them if you take the above basic precautions.

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