Best accessories for PC, Tablet, and Smarthphone

The Best Accessories for Your PC, Tablet, and Smartphone

It’s possible to use electronic devices without any additional equipment, but if you want to ensure data security, protect your smartphone, or use your tablet to mix esoteric cocktails, you’ll need extra gear. If you’re looking for accessories for yourself or a tech-loving loved one, here are a few ideas that you may find interesting. Some devices are essential, but others are just cool!

Smartphone: iPhone Add-On External Camera Lenses

If you have a smartphone, you already know you need a phone case and a screen protector, but it might not have occurred to you that supplementary camera lenses can help you take truly phenomenal photographs. If you want to take wide-angle shots and cinematic videos, there are external camera lens options that run from budget-friendly to professional grade. Regardless of which lenses you choose, they were all designed to transform the humble iPhone into a legitimately high-end camera.

Smartphone Bonus: Selfie Stick.

Since you’ve got great camera lenses, you may as well take great self-portraits! The next time you take a selfie, maximize the number of people and/or background scenery you can fit into the shot with a selfie stick. If you’re unfamiliar with selfie sticks (other than how relentlessly they’re mocked throughout the internet), they’re adjustable telescopic wands with a clamp and jack at one end for securing the smartphone and remotely taking a picture.

While they’re not terribly dignified, they can help take really flattering selfies! Because the camera will enhance features that are closest to the lens, selfies taken at arm’s length or closer tend to make the subject’s nose appear larger than it does to the naked eye. Therefore — the greater the physical distance between the camera and subject, the more realistic the resulting photograph.

Selfie sticks aren’t necessarily a crucial part of a smartphone toolkit, but they’re inexpensive, fun, and great tools for when you find yourself alone and desperately in need of a picture of yourself from a three-foot distance!

Laptops: Cooling Mat

Laptops can get overheated easily. Because their hardware components are situated very close to one another, air circulation between the mechanisms can be difficult or even non-existent. If a laptop overheats, the motherboard, hard drive, and memory modules can fail, and if you work with your laptop on your actual lap, you may burn yourself, or possibly your home, if a faulty battery is installed.

If you have an older laptop, you may want to invest in a cooling mat, since laptops run hotter as they age. A cooling mat can keep a constant stream of air flowing near the laptop base, saving your system from shutting down completely.

PC Laptop Bonus: External Hard Drive

Even if you use cloud storage solutions (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox), storing large files in an online file synchronization service can be slow and challenging. An external hard drive might have 1000 GB of storage space, which is large enough to comfortably store hundreds of video files. External hard drives are fantastic, reliable backup tools. Moreover, they’re portable and can be connected to any computer using a USB connection.

Tablet: Tablet Case

A tablet case can keep your device protected, and this is particularly important if your tablet is used by (or even around) children. Look for a case that has an included screen protector for extra insurance.

Tablet Bonus: Perfect Drink Bartending Tools

This gadget isn’t a necessary tablet accessory, but it can make parties considerably more fun! The Perfect Drink Smart Scale works in conjunction with an Android or iOS app that not only gives you drink recipes based upon your favorite cocktails (and even what you happen to have handy), but also gives you precise guidance regarding ingredient amounts.

This is just a sample of some of the most interesting accessories currently available. These tools will help you both protect your devices and derive the most enjoyment out of them.

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